Date: 3/17/17 4:02 pm
From: Johnathon Benson <johnathonl87...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] 2 set of wings - Dorchester Shores Reservation
Greeting, Birders

I had meant to write this email a month and a half ago but caught up in a variety of things and forgot. Today, whilst going through my birding photos on my camera that I hadn’t uploaded, I came across the curious case of two sets of wings. Now, I’ve seen wings left behind before while the rest of the body had been taken or mostly destroyed. However, in 23 years of birding I have never seen wings left hanging high in the trees. Giving a cursory glance, the wings in the tree appear to be from a Ring-Billed Gull, while those found on the ground (a good 50 feet away) appeared to be from a small to medium sized Canada Goose. I am assuming that the predation was caused by a large raptor. The area is surveyed by members of the UMass Ornithology Club frequently and the records we have show at least 5 Red-Tailed Hawks that enjoy hanging out on the UMass and JFK Library rooftops as well as past sightings of American Bald Eagle. Has anyone else seen anything wacky like this? I am w!
illing to provide pictures for anyone interested.

Good Birding,

Johnathon Benson
Waltham, MA
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