Date: 3/17/17 11:58 am
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Subject: Re: IBET Bird id help
To supplement Greg's comments, check eBird for Great Crested Flycatcher in
the current year. No post north of Austin, TX yet, and that was on March
14. A lot of reports from south FL, so the species might just be arriving
via Cuba from the Yucatan.

Bohlen has earliest arrival dates as April 10 and 12, with average arrival
date in central IL (Urbana) as May 1 and Chicago May 4.

If you can find a copy, Bohlen is an excellent reference for IL bird dates.

Dan Williams

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> hmmm .... Great Crested Flycatcher anywhere in Illinois in March is
> essentially unheard of. My guess is Eastern Phoebe, which can be quite
> yellow underneath (and that would be amplified, if there was snow on the
> ground).
> EAPH can make all kinds of strange calls (I heard one in TX just a few
> months ago that had some very experienced birders certain we were hearing a
> Myiarchus sp.) -- like the beginning of this recording:
> Cheers,
> -greg neise
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