Date: 3/17/17 11:28 am
From: Linda Adams <000000853e24127e-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Re: Long-eared Owls - Lake Waurika
John, I saw Bill at lunch time.  He said he must have just barely missed you.  He went down into Monika Park campground with one of the volunteers then over the dam and home.
Linda Adams

From: John Ault <jwault742...>
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Sent: Friday, March 17, 2017 12:02 PM
Subject: [OKBIRDS] Long-eared Owls - Lake Waurika

I followed Bill Adam's directions this morning (Friday) and saw six Long-eared Owls (10:15 a.m.).  I parked at the Corps of Engineers Office parking lot, east side of Lake Waurika dam, and walked east through the mowed grassy area to the N edge of the wooded area (unmowed).  When I got close to the unmowed area, an owl flushed, it stayed in the woods and flew S; a second quickly followed.  I stayed in the mowed grass area and looked into the woods, a third bird flushed.  I then saw three Long-eared Owls perched near each other (2-4 feet apart) about 30 feet inside the wooded area.  They were 4-6 feet above the ground.  I never enter the woodlands.  

​Good luck.​
John AultLawton, OK

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