Date: 3/17/17 10:50 am
From: Elizabeth Mescavage <amkestrel1...>
Subject: Mockingbird behavior, Northampton County
All winter I have had a mockingbird around my feeders and it has become
increasingly territorial as the weeks go by. It has continually
dive-bombed certain species of birds, most notably woodpeckers and larger
birds and especially robins that have shown up recently. It reached the
point where I had zero woodpeckers coming for many weeks but recently they
have returned. Yesterday afternoon I noticed a struggle on the snow near
the enclosed patio; this seen from my kitchen window. First thought was a
hawk attack but the birds didn't fit and looking closer I realized it was
the mockingbird attacking a robin. The robin was face down in the snow
with the mocker mercilessly hammering on it. I ran out and waved a towel
to chase the mockingbird. I thought the robin was dead, still face down in
the snow, back end straight up. In a few seconds it popped up, left wing
feathers ruffled, it made a bee-line running to the patio wall, made its way
to the unenclosed patio. I went to the dining room window for a closer
look and it was gone, so hopefully the wing wasn't broken and it was able to
fly. I was astounded at the ferocity of the attack. The mockingbird has
been relentless in its pursuit of any bird going near the crabapple tree,
suet cages or suet/pb logs but I never thought the attacks would escalate to
this level. I do think, had I not interfered, the robin would have been
killed. It seemed defenseless. I wish I had seen the initial attack to
know how it happened.

Betsy Mescavage

E. Allen Twp.

Seemsville Rd.

Northampton County
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