Date: 3/17/17 10:39 am
From: William Haddad <photobill9...>
Subject: [BRDBRAIN] Birds at Turkey Creek Sanctuary yesterday a.m, and a strange encounter with an Otter

Had 24 bird species at Turkey Creek yesterday. Although I did not find any Neotropicals there was plenty of activity on that brisk morning. Some highlights:

1, Many Pine Warblers – some foraging on the ground. Other Warblers were three Black and Whites foraging on low
Branches, singing Parulas, and Yellow-rumps.

2. Both native White-eyed Vireos as well as non-native Blue-headed Vireos were singing.

3. A Cooper’s Hawk was perched on the railing of the boardwalk eating or tearing apart its prey. The nest, close to
the beginning of the boardwalk, is still active.

4. A Ruby-crowned Kinglet was excited by a group of Cardinals and was flashing its ruby crown and when the Cardinals
left scolded me.

As I was walking one of the narrow sand paths, far from water, an animal approached me from the opposite direction. It turned out to be an Otter, strangely walking even further away from the creek. As I stopped for pictures it actually walked closely past me. I attempted another e-mail with pictures but they were apparently too large for birdbrains.

That Spring is here was evident in blooming wildflower such as Blue Lupine, Daisy Fleabane – southern variety, Coral Bean, Ortega, Lantana and Morning Glory. Most also bloom in the Fla. Winter but are more evident and vivid now.

Bill Haddad
Palm Bay, Fl.
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