Date: 3/17/17 10:04 am
From: John Ault <jwault742...>
Subject: Long-eared Owls - Lake Waurika
I followed Bill Adam's directions this morning (Friday) and saw six
Long-eared Owls (10:15 a.m.). I parked at the Corps of Engineers Office
parking lot, east side of Lake Waurika dam, and walked east through the
mowed grassy area to the N edge of the wooded area (unmowed). When I got
close to the unmowed area, an owl flushed, it stayed in the woods and flew
S; a second quickly followed. I stayed in the mowed grass area and looked
into the woods, a third bird flushed. I then saw three Long-eared Owls
perched near each other (2-4 feet apart) about 30 feet inside the wooded
area. They were 4-6 feet above the ground. I never enter the woodlands.

​Good luck.​

John Ault
Lawton, OK

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