Date: 3/17/17 7:24 am
From: Barry Jones <barjones78...>
Subject: Quivira report and eagle nest update
Today, 17 March 2017, at Quivira's Environmental Education Classroom area, there were 10 FOS Tree Swallows. Also at least 2 Snowy Plover on the flats north of NE 170th St. Otherwise, still a couple 100 Sandhill Cranes refuge-wide, and no geese except Canadas.

Eagle nest situation, as of today:
Santana Natural Area nest: adult has been observed sitting on nest for several weeks, likely incubating. This nest can be seen from the road, 1/2 mile north of the junction of NE 140th Avenue and NE 105th Street, looking west (this is northwest of Little Salt Marsh).
Southwest Big Salt Marsh nest: regular activity seen up until a couple of weeks ago, but no adult seen on the past several views - situation uncertain (could be the viewing angle). This nest is 1/3 mile north of the NE 140th Street blacktop, west of the Artesian Well pulloff.
Northwest Big Salt Marsh nest: no regular activity on this nest, other than occasional roosting. It was used for nesting last year. This can be seen on the northwest portion of the Wildlife Drive.

At least two credible whooping crane reports for the upper Great Plains just this week, so keep an eye out for them. Today's date is very near the average first sighting date for Quivira.

Barry Jones
Quivira NWR

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