Date: 3/17/17 6:04 am
From: Suzanne Sullivan <swampy435...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Tufted Duck Wilmington
Hey Massbirders,

A “female” Tufted Duck was at Silver Lake yesterday afternoon. Not sure if
it will still be there today. I put female in “’s because not sure how to
rule out 1st yr male totally. Sometimes the sides looked whitish.
If anyone does go for this bird just a warning there is NO parking right
now since the lots are not plowed and there is not much room to pull to the
side of the road. There is NO parking on the street. I pulled over to check
out the ducks and gulls ( lots of interesting ones) and put my flashers
on. I emailed the DPW Super and asked if they could do a quick pass through
the lot, we’ll see.

Here is my list
Oh and there was a monster beautiful pure white 1st yr Glaucous Gull there
when I drove by on my way home around 5:00 ish .

Suzanne M. Sullivan
Wilmington, MA

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