Date: 3/17/17 4:24 am
From: Stephen Johnson <stevejohnson2...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Sully Woodlands 16 March - coyotes

late report, Sully Woodlands, Fairfax County, yesterday March 16 morning --

I couldn't find the Shrike, but a few other interesting things showed up.

I saw 3 coyotes there - one healthy-looking pair with a lot of reddish fox coloration; and later, a lone grayer one with poorer quality looking fur. The first pair walked quite close to a herd of deer, which I didn't see until I flushed them minutes later. They were separated by a row of cedars and maybe 40-ish yards, as the coyotes went by. Either the two species were not interested in each other; or they didn't notice each other.

Several Meadowlarks were at Sully Woodlands, and also at Rock Hill Park (nearby). Also at Rock Hill, the usual trio (or so) of White-crowned Sparrows.

Finally to "pile on" with other reports, I found Fox Sparrows spread all around the fields at Sully Woodlands yesterday - 4 total - and another at our home feeders.

"No such thing as bad weather - just bad clothing."

Steve Johnson
Fairfax, Virginia

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