Date: 3/16/17 8:51 pm
From: Dave Leibert <xdave...>
Subject: Snow Buntings, Killdeer Mt Bethel area, Northampton County

I took a drive around today on the back roads between Martins Creek, Mt
Bethel and Bangor. I'm still looking around to try and see a rough
legged but no luck. Plenty of habitat for them.

There were a lot of small birds by the edges of the fields along the
plowed roads. I saw about a dozen snow buntings in one spot and a few
killdeer. Plenty of fox sparrows and robins to go around. Also saw 4

Quite by accident I stumbled upon Minsi Lake. What a beautiful spot.
There was a pair of mute swans to go with the Canadian geese. There were
mallards and some ducks I could not ID since the were little specs in
the binocs. They had black and white heads. I briefly saw what looked
like an eagle disappearing over the tops of the trees of a wooded area.I
hope to go back there in the future.

Happy Birding
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