Date: 3/16/17 7:09 pm
From: Bob LaVal <blaval...>
Subject: Re: Robin in Fish Pond
I have seen a similar activity involving Barn Swallows. 40 years ago when I
was working in Homer, LA, I found Barn Swallows nesting in highway culverts
in NW LA, farther north in LA than previously reported. I was watching
about 25 nests in various culverts along a 10 mile stretch of highway. I
was keeping up with when the birds fledged to count the nesting as a
success. One day I waded water about 2' deep into a concrete culvert that
was about 7' high. Halfway under the highway was a nest that had 5 young in
it. They were about ready to fledge. I stuck my hand up to the nest to
count the heads and they all jumped out of the nest into the water. Before
I could gather them up they swam by pulling themselves forward in the water
with their wings toward the open end of the culvert. They quickly climbed
up on the bank waiting for parents to come feed them. Birds float until
their feathers become waterlogged and I guess they have little trouble
swimming short distances.

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