Date: 3/16/17 5:37 pm
From: rob thorn <robthorn...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] HooverReservoir,3-16:waterfowl,RustyBlackbird
I stopped by several access points at Hoover Reservoir this afternoon, and was treated to small clusters of migrating waterfowl. I started at Oxbow Island, and went south through Mudhen Marsh, the Sunbury Causeway, Maxtown boat ramp, Walnut St. Boat ramp, and the Dam. Small groups of waterfowl were in almost all of the small wind=protected bays, and the list included

Mallards - (abundant)
Green-winged Teal - pairs at several locations
N.Shovelers - a foursome off Oxbow Island
Gadwalls - a trio off Walnut St. Boat Ramp
Redhead - a few off Walnut St. ramp
Bufflehead - small #s in many locations
Red-br.Merganser - 50+, with most in a flock above the Dam
Hooded Mergansers - small numbers at Mudhen Marsh
Ruddy Ducks - flocks at Oxbow Island (35) & Maxtown ramp (40), with 1-3 at most other sites
Horned Grebes - 20+ over all sites; the dam had the high of 8
Pied-billed Grebes - 5 over several sites
CommonLoon - a beautiful spring-plumaged bird off Oxbow Island
Cormorants - 3 off Oxbow Island, and another 2 off the Sunbury bridge
Coots - a nice flock of 65 were around the pond and inlet at Mudhen Marsh
Gulls - scarce elsewhere, but the dam & marina had 220+ Ring-bills, 2 Herring, and 10 Bonaparte's

Landbirds were much less impressive, but the Eagle Nest across from Oxbow Island was/is occupied, small #s of Turkey Vultures were at every stop, and there was a nice male Rusty Blackbird around the parking area at the Maxtown boat ramp


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