Date: 3/16/17 3:04 pm
From: Jay V Huner <jvh0660...>
Subject: Re: [LABIRD-L] Peveto Woods Today // 3/15/17
I missed Yellow-crowned Night-Heron and White-crowned Sparrow yesterday. Birds I saw not noted by the Amunys were Tree Swallow, White-eyed Vireo, Blue-headed Vireo, Orange-crowned Warbler, Northern Flicker, Blue Jay, Barn Swallow, Northern Mockingbird, Brown Thrasher, Common Grackle, and Red-winged Blackbird.

Jay Huner

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Subject: [LABIRD-L] Peveto Woods Today

We were at Peveto today from about 10:30-12 and saw 3 Cedar Waxwings in
the mulberry trees behind the porta-potty. There were 3 Yellow-crowned Night Herons, several Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, 10-12 Yellow-rumped Warblers, a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, male and female Cardinal, an Eastern Phoebe, and a small flock of 5-6 White-crowned sparrows.
Heather and Jack Amuny
Cameron Parish
Little Florida Beach

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