Date: 3/16/17 10:52 am
From: Grant Stevenson <pahawkowl...>
Subject: chickadee northern distribution may be going north
Let's not forget that chickadee species can and will imitate each others
voices, wherever they are, as retired professor from Mt. Holyoke College
Sue Smith said to me after I inquired about a "sighting" and "hearing"
myself. She produced the BCCH BNA and THE BLACK-CHAPPED CHICKADEE:
BEHAVIORAL ECOLOGY AND NATURAL HISTORY, available in book stores or through
your library's Inter-library Loan program. Dr. Frank Gill of Academy of
Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, who wrote a major textbook for
undergraduates ORNITHOLOGY (and AOU Auk articles on chickadee DNA results
(also DNA study on Golden-winged Warblers), is a good Inter-library Loan
basic source of concepts regarding this issue. Dr. Smith also told me that
so called vagrant Mountain Chickadees in the East were probably Black-capps
which hit windows, survived, and the absence of contour feathers on their
heads from the strike grew back in in white.

To be sure, more of sight/hearing data with numbers and place and local
weather is what scientists need (?), not discussion; let the data decide.
And local weather data from more than one day around the trips if possible.
Why doesn't eBird ask for more of this meteorological context? Maybe
birders should insist by including the weather in the notes section?

Not to be a hypocrite, I hope to get out today/tomorrow, as chickadees are
just post snowfall birds. also important are the other species.

Online Christmas Count, eBird,
and GBBC data, and BBS data
for the summer, are good historical as well as more current data on
BCCH/CACH. Plus Then decide for yourself! But, be
ready to submit ample proof. ( by the way, Patuxent is also looking for
volunteer online nest card processors; good for snowy weather for retired

As birders' integrity is always checked by conservative "doubters" as
opposed to liberal "believers", the data needs to tell us what is correct
for us, but needs the scrutiny of more experienced birders which know by
distribution and other factors what species belong where-when, and liberals
possibly setting the course for new global warming distributions for common

also check out,

Grant Stevenson
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Lehigh County, PA
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