Date: 3/16/17 9:04 am
From: Deibert, Pat <pat_deibert...>
Subject: on the topic of early arrivals
Kestrels top my list - I saw 2 on Monday - maybe they hitched a ride with
Chuck's vulture as they were in Cheyenne? Mountain bluebirds are
increasing in abundance with at least 3 of my bluebird houses already
"rented". another fleeting glimpse of spring came with the yellow-headed
blackbird in a growing cluster of red-wings. It fled my feeders quickly,
as if embarrassed to be seen with its less flamboyant cousins.

given the cacophony of hoots last night I believe the nesting great-horned
owls who haunt the woods around my house have fledged their young.

hopeful for spring, fear Grant is correct.

Pat, in the burbs of Buford
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