Date: 3/16/17 6:39 am
From: s byrd <mybyrdz5...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Now Three Fox Sparrows Balto Highlands yard
Went straight home last night with more birdfood to make sure I keep the Fox Sparrow fed . The Fox sparrow and others were working on nothing so I threw a large cupful of food out . Waited about 5 or so min. and the birds started reappearing . There were TWO Fox Sparrows so I ran for the camera . When I got back there were Three .They happily ate and hogged up the food til dusk. they were pecking at and running after the other birds . I put out lots of food this morning hoping to keep them coming back . Beautiful birds .

Also this morning at first light I had a flock of several hundred blackbirds coming from the marsh where they roost and filling the neighborhood trees and sky. They were a mix of or all Brown Headed cowbirds / Redwinged blackbirds . I hate that I don't know how to list these on ebird . They are too hard to cypher when its dark and your driving . I could estimate them at a Million like someone in Florida who just listed a Million 1,000,000 . Of Tree Swallows . Its on Ebird !!!Other than that one report the highest Tree Swallow count was around 500 . Wonder how many cases of a Million birds are posted on Ebird ? How does one prove a Million birds ?

Saundra Byrd
Southwest Baltimore

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