Date: 3/15/17 7:27 pm
From: Ron Rovansek <rrovansek...>
Subject: Re: Fox Sparrows
This afternoon I drove along Tadpole Road, a two-lane rural route through the Scotia Barrens, Gamelands 176 south of State College, Centre County. The road had been plowed and the plows had in some places exposed soil along the shoulder of the road. Sparrows were gathered in the patches of exposed soil, and among the many Juncos there were at least 15 or 20 Fox Sparrows in a three mile stretch.

The woods in the gamelands are brushy and open, and tend to be a good place to find Fox Sparrows in the spring, but this was an unusually large number to see in a short period of time.

I'd estimate 80% of the sparrows were Juncos. Maybe 10% were identifiable as Fox Sparrows, and the rest were unidentifiable, but probably a lot of White Throated and Song Sparrows.

Ron Rovansek
Centre County

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Like everyone else I had 5 Fox Sparrows scratching in an area I cleared of snow an threw down some seed. Lots of Grackles, Redwings, Cowbirds and Cardinals. Counted 26 Cardinals during the storm. Today we saw a Kingfisher by a small steam near our house. Beautiful bird with the white background.

Gerry Boltz
Cornwall, Lebanon County

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