Date: 3/15/17 7:03 pm
From: Francis Commercon <siskinbyderailleur...>
Subject: [cobirds] Pacific Wren at Grey Rock Trail, Larimer County
This morning I took a new birder out to Grey Rock Trail up the Poudre
Canyon. In addition to a pair of AMERICAN DIPPERS clearly engaging in nest
building activities where the trail crosses over the Poudre River, we found
a skulking PACIFIC WREN along the summit trail, just where this trail first
crosses the creek as you hike northward and upward. The habitat was of
dense dead grasses and weeds and tangles of shrubs along the banks of the
creek. The bird called loudly in agitation as we crossed the creek. I
recorded its call with my iPhone and later confirmed that it was indeed a
Pacific Wren (not Winter, because of higher and more terse notes). The
compact little hazelnut-brown bird popped out into view and gave
spectacular looks. Very faint eyeline, tiny stubby tail, ventral side just
about as cinnamon brown as the dorsal side and definitely no white on the
throat. It even sang two rounds of its gorgeous song up close!

Its cousin, the Canyon Wren, sang loudly from a nearby cliff and a female
Hairy Woodpecker knocked away at a burnt Ponderosa fervently. Pygmy
Nuthatches squeaked and flitted about in the high pine boughs. A flock of
Steller's Jays gave my hiking partner stunning views; a Townsend's
Solitaire serenaded us from just up the hill. And the sun shown strongly
upon the land as the soil came alive with ants, spiders, wasps, and even a
millipede. We are fortunate to have inherited such a marvelous world.

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