Date: 3/15/17 11:40 am
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Subject: [MDBirding] Help Save Pollinators in Maryland
The Maryland Legislature is poised to take another major step in
protecting our pollinators from neonicotinoid pesticides. It has but
to pass the House of Delegates. The Maryland Ornithological Society
has been supporting this bill. Since the pesticide is toxic to birds,
and expressed throughout the plant so treated, it poses a threat to
nectar, fruit, and seed-eating birds. We urge you to support this
bill. MOS Chapters and Officers, as well as Audubon MD-DC officers,
please consider forwarding to your members.
Kurt SchwarzConservation ChairMaryland Ornithological Society <krschwa1...>

[IMAGE]Thanks to you, we've had tremendous success to date in this
legislative session. Our bill successfully passed in the Maryland
Senate and is now making its way through the House of Delegates.
Your delegate needs to hear from you today.
Your voice is vital. Your email can make the difference as to whether HB
830 lives or dies. Contact your delegate TODAY and tell them to
support this important legislation. To recap: Last year, the Maryland
General Assembly passed a bill requiring several state agencies to
establish a pollinator habitat plan for the lands they own or manage,
to increase critical habitat for Maryland pollinators. But we must
make sure we aren’t harming the species we are trying to protect. We
need to ensure that pesticides toxic to pollinators are not used on
those state pollinator habitats.
House Bill 830 would require that these habitats be free of toxic
pesticides known to harm bees, birds, butterflies and other

Your Maryland delegate needs to hear from you today. Please tell your
delegate that you support HB 830 and urge them to do so too!

Your voice can make the difference between our bill passing or not.
Because of your advocacy, Maryland passed landmark pollinator
protection legislation. Now it's time to speak up again.
[IMAGE]We've made it easy for you -- just fill in your details and
click send!
Don't delay, contact your Maryland delegate today and make sure
critical habitat for Maryland pollinators stays safe!

Don't miss a thing -- follow the action on Facebook and Twitter
(@PesticidesSmart) for news about pesticides and what you can do to
help bees and pollinators survive and thrive! To read more about this
legislations, check out our fact sheet.

Kurt Schwarz
Ellicott City, Howard County
kurtschwarz4 at gmail dot com

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