Date: 3/15/17 10:14 am
From: Paul Blank <paulblank...>
Subject: Chipping sparrows, Lancaster County
Hi All,

This morning under my feeders the two Fox sparrows that showed up yesterday with the Juncos, Song Sparrows, and White-throated sparrows were first one, then two of what I assumed to be Chipping Sparrows – although their dull winter plumage threw me off a bit. My son Mitch snapped several OK, but not great pics with his iPhone through the scope. I passed them on to Zach Millen and his reply was that they were early arrival basic plumage Chipping sparrows. Thanks Zach!

It’s always fun to see something a little out of the ordinary. The warm weather has things arriving early, but these birds got a rude welcome with the winter weather. The two Red-Breasted Nuthatches that settled in for the winter here back on September 23rd are quite active at the peanut and sunflower feeders today. The two Fox sparrows are beautiful against the snow as well!

Paul Blank
Eden area, Lancaster County
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