Date: 3/15/17 8:48 am
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Subject: [SBB] Nesting birds at Stanford
Long time reader, first time poster. Hi.

On Stanford main campus, 2 nesting species of interest.

1)- in the large, northwestern most Eucalyptus tree in front of Sweet Hall, a pair of Coopers Hawks are building a nest. Sighted the last several mornings gathering materials nearby and flying up to the nest.

2)- The long time pair of resident Ravens are nesting at Green Library again! If you haven't seen these two, you are in for a treat. They did not raise a brood last year due to the adjacent construction of a new building at the Hoover Pavillion, but the year before (spring 2015) they successfully fledged 4 young. I saw the female on the nest 2 different times yesterday, with the male standing proud on the roof of the library. The nest is located on top of a flood light on the north- eastern side of the Green Library, facing the main quad and you can't miss it. If you have access to the Library, you can go up to the 4th floor Bender Room and look out the window into the nest as well (pro tip!).

Thanks for all the cool birding tips!
your friend, russ
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