Date: 3/15/17 7:41 am
From: Justin Lawson <justindlawson...>
Subject: Re: [MASSBIRD] photos of birds - honest or "faked"?
Do not fret my photography friends! this wasnt a "photographer" in the way
we are talking. this was a person who takes a couple backyard photos and
threw a snow filter on it. not edited in the terms that we use to edit our

On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 9:48 AM Lesley Mattuchio <leslm...> wrote:

> Speaking as a serious wildlife photographer and for my peers, we not only
> spend 10's of thousands of dollars on our equipment to get that feather
> detail, but we also spend more time with a subject watching, waiting,
> observing behavior before getting that "perfect" shot, than a lot birders
> do. It is too bad that a very tiny segment of photos are doctored or
> "faked"
> , but I can assure you that as someone who has been frozen, sweated,
> sunburned, laid in mud, water, and spent many hours waiting that the images
> are the real deal as is 99% of the wildlife photographers' images you see.
> Lesley Mattuchio
> Melrose, MA
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> From: Lynette Leka
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> To: massbird
> Subject: [MASSBIRD] photos of birds - honest or "faked"?
> I frequently wonder about photos posted to FaceBook of a species that is
> difficult to see, much less photograph - sitting out there in the open,
> perfectly posed, perfect lighting, beautiful ambience, every feather
> discernible
> I'm sure most nature photographers are extremely skilled, patient, and work
> diligently to get spectacular shots - but then there's PhotoShop...
> --
Justin Lawson
Worcester, MA

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