Date: 3/15/17 7:20 am
From: PSO <PSO...>
Subject: PSO Renewal Reminder
It is time to renew your PSO membership (or join if not already a member!).

Memberships expire on April 30.

We just sent out a similar message to all PSO members for which we have an
email address, so if you are a PSO member and a subscriber to the PABIRDS
listserve, you are seeing this twice.

Unless, of course, you changed email address since last year. In that case,
please send us your new email address.

You can renew or join at

You can join online or print a form to mail.

If already a member, you will need your member number to renew online. It
is on your mailing labels on the newsletter and *Pennsylvania Birds*.

If you can't find it, send an email to <pso...> and I will send it
to you.

In a few days, we will be sending out postcards to members for which we do
not have an email address or those whose email address has expired.

So, if you didn't receive the other email message, please let us know your
new email address so we don't waste money on postage.


Frank Haas

Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology
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