Date: 3/14/17 7:40 pm
From: Mary Peterson <m_mpeterson...>
Subject: Salt Plains on 3-14-2017
Hello All,

I went out to the Salt Plains this morning via the Tallgrass Prairie. Not much at the Tallgrass Prairie. Did not hear any prairie chickens, but it still might be early. There is a nice burned area between there and Foraker. Lots of killdeers. Also a nice flock of mostly Brewer's blackbirds. Did not see any golden plovers. I got to the Salt Plains about 10:30. The water was plentiful and there were ducks everywhere. I drove the auto tour, then went below the dam, then to Sand Creek Bay, then Sandpiper trail. 14 species of ducks were found. The beams have been placed on the bridge below the dam, but it will be summer or later before the bridge can be crossed. Highlights included:

Cinnamon Teal-5 males and 3 females on the auto tour

Northern Shoveler-100's on the auto tour

Ruddy Duck-1000's on the lake

Roadrunner-1 about 1/4 mile west of the dam

Mark Peterson


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