Date: 3/14/17 5:41 pm
From: Paul Blank <paulblank...>
Subject: FOY Fox Sparrows, Lancaster County
Today at my feeders I had two Fox Sparrows feeding with all the Juncos,
White-throated Sparrows, and Song Sparrows on the ground under the feeders.
This was a first ever at my feeder (at least that I have noticed). The bird
activity was certainly up today with the snow. I also had the two Red
Breasted Nuthatches that have been at my feeding station consistently all
winter since they first showed up here September 23rd. I thought maybe
today I'd see more with the snow, but it was still only the two, but I am
still thrilled as I usually only have seen one a year for a day or so -
staying here all winter has been a treat. The Yellow Bellied Sapsucker has
been consistently around as well the past few weeks.

Paul Blank
Eden Heights, East Lampeter Twp., Lancaster County

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From: Dean Kendall
Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2017 7:15 PM
To: <PABIRDS...>
Subject: [PABIRDS] 11 Fox Spar at feeders nr Leesport Boro, Berks Co

Have others had higher numbers with today's storm? Here it went from a max
of two to eleven today.

Dean Kendall, nr Leesport Boro, Berks Co

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