Date: 3/14/17 3:02 pm
From: <krschwa1...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Rare Birds: Let's All Take a Deep Breath
I suggest we all review these guidelines:
Both Josh and Dave made good faith efforts to abide by the homeowners'
wishes, while allowing access to many birders. Will it always be to
the taste of each us? Perhaps not. But we should not publicly impugn
the motives of anybody serving as manager of a rare bird sighting. If
you have a problem, discuss with said person. We are all too quick to
assume ill motives of others. I would assert that virtually all of
us, in fact, wish to provide the fullest access possible to a rare
bird, consistent with the welfare of the bird and the interests and
wishes of the property owners. Without the later, nobody sees the
Kurt SchwarzEllicott City, Howard Countyfor these purposes,

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