Date: 3/14/17 1:24 pm
From: DAWN CAMPBELL-CURRIE <0000005e81cf5274-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [BRDBRAIN] Viera Wetlands closed to vehicular traffic and Click Ponds open
Status changes from day to day, but when we stopped by this afternoon, the Viera Wetlands were closed to vehicular traffic.
We went over to the Click Ponds and found the gate open, but almost no birds. The first cell was almost completely dry and the second cell was thick with vegetation.
The few birds present were congregated in and around the small area of water on the north west corner of the first cell.
Species seen:Mottled DucksBlue-winged TealGreat Blue HeronSnowy EgretTricolored HeronWhite IbisGlossy IbisLeast SandpipersTree SwallowsNorthern MockingbirdRed-winged BlackbirdsBoat-tailed Grackles
Dawn CurrieViera, FLBrevard County

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