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Subject: [birders] Dead Birds for Science is free Washtenaw Audubon program, Wed., Mar. 15, 7:30pm, Ann Arbor, all invited
Birdersand friends,


Pleasejoin us for the free Washtenaw Audubon program below. You do not have to be amember to attend.

Wednesday, March 15,7:30pm

DeadBirds (...for Science!)

Inorder to save birds, we need to save their habitats. But birds have

wings,can't read maps, and don't stay where they're safe. So how can

wecreate a more bird friendly world beyond parks and refuges? We need

toknow HOW they die. What kills birds tells us where we can make

changesto prevent bird deaths in the future. Join Heidi in exploring

thepreventable causes of avian mortality that put so much pressure on

thebirds we know and love, and learn about how valuable dead birds

areto science.

Thistalk primarily focuses on window collisions, window collision

prevention,and uncomfortable topics such as wind farms, cats, and

wherebirds go when they die. There is no viewer advisory for the

imagesin this presentation: it is suitable for all audiences.

HeidiTrudell is a relentless advocate for birds. Her passion for

preservingincidentally dead birds began in 2003, and her freezer list

sincethen has spanned three states and over 130 species. Heidi has

beena librarian, zookeeper, rehabber, bird guide, and nature blogger

inTexas ( She tends the Facebook groups “Dead

Birds(for Science!)” and “The Auk-ward”. Heidi serves as a

coordinatoras well as monitor with Washtenaw Safe Passage, and is

Chairof the Great Lakes Safe Passage Committee for Detroit Audubon.

Shecurrently works at an automotive tech startup in Ypsilanti.

Thisprogram is free and open to the public. Membership is not required, though wewould welcome your membership to help with our environmental and educationalactivities. Washtenaw Audubon programs are held at the U-M Matthaei BotanicalGardens, 1800 North Dixboro Rd., Ann Arbor.


Inaddition to the program, hear news of the latest critter sightings and fieldtrips, and enjoy tasty snacks following the program. For more information, goto
Pleasenote that for Wednesday night’s program, you must enter the building at themain entrance, the hallway leading from the west entrance near the largeparking lot cannot be used to walk from the west entrance to the main lobby dueto construction in the hallway. Wheelchair access is available only by usingthe outdoor sidewalk nearest to the building that leads from the west entranceto the main entrance. There’s no lighting along this sidewalk, so you may wantto bring a flashlight. Also, the only available men’s room during constructionis the one at the west entrance to the building.

Hopeto see you there.




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