Date: 3/14/17 9:22 am
From: KevyGudGuy via Colorado Birds <cobirds...>
Subject: [cobirds] Monte Vista Crane Festival last weekend
The Sandhill Crane migration is in full swing in the San Luis Valley. I
was there during the official festival weekend and saw the expected
thousands of feeding, loafing and flying cranes, geese and ducks. Always an
amazing spectacle.
Four unexpected sightings were:
- Seeing a dozen Bald Eagles congregate into a thermal just north of Home
Lake late Friday morning, ride the air up and head north.
- A very leucistic Red-tailed Hawk hanging around near the intersection of
Roads 8S & 5E, reported by others later as being harassed by a
Rough-legged Hawk. The bird had a few random dark feathers and an orangey bill. A
friend got pictures that I'll share with anyone who's interested.
- A lone Tundra Swan seen Friday evening in the ponds along Colo 15 just
south of the old Refuge HQ, seen again flying the next morning.
- An extended flow of cranes from the south Sunday morning, apparently
they'd flown up overnight from the Bosque del Apache region. Line after line
(do we call them skeins when they're cranes?) of birds appearing as dust
flecks in binoculars trained on San Antonio Mountain, a new line appearing
every few seconds for the two hours I watched, getting closer and closer till
visible with the naked eye. I've seen the feeding flocks and flyouts many
times over the years, but this is the first time I've experienced a
massive influx of cranes migrating up from the south. It was something to behold.

Keep Smilin',
Kevin Corwin

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