Date: 3/14/17 5:57 am
From: Shea Tiller <sheagordontiller...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Northeast Reservoir, Lake Anna, Colonial Heights Walmart
Hi, all.
On Sun, Mar. 12th I birded the locations listed in the subject header.
At NE Res., the only waterfowl was a horned grebe, which gave pretty good
looks. On the fishing access road, I got very close views of a red-tailed
hawk, and I heard a red-winged blackbird singing.

At Lake Anna, I visited dike 3. I saw a common loon fishing extremely close
to the shore, but it only came to the surface for a brief second each time.
I also saw a male red-breasted merganser fishing near the dike.

At the Walmart pond, I couldn't find the glaucous gull previously seen, but
I did get good looks at 4 lesser-black-backed gulls (lifer number 237).

Here is a link to my photos from these visits on Flickr:

Good birding
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