Date: 3/13/17 8:33 pm
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Subject: RE: [Tweeters] Strange looking Bushtit question
Sounds like Golden-crowned Kinglet to me. Check it out.

Joe Mackie


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Subject: [Tweeters] Strange looking Bushtit question

At Magnuson Park, Seattle from the dike between holding ponds west of the
south-west parking lot, I observed at very close range over several minutes
a bird that appeared be a bushtit with a yellow forehead. There was no other
yellow on the bird. It also had a little rusty color on the back of the
wings. Otherwise it looked just like a Pacific form bushtit. It was is in
the company of other bushtits. I find no mention of this yellow color in
descriptions from various written authorities. Any ideas as to what I was
looking at? And, no, I was not taking any medication that day.

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