Date: 3/13/17 7:17 pm
From: Tammy Frech <tfrech3...>
Subject: THE GLADES, Butler County
We birded State Game Lands 95 yesterday. It was a blustery 28F; very windy. We were surprised that most of the lake was frozen over. The little bit of open water was about 300 yards across the lake from where we could park the truck. I didn’t get good counts, there were a couple hundred waterfowl on the water and periodically in the air. Lots of variety.

On the water I saw:
Ring necked ducks - lots
American Coot
Northern Pintail (walking on the ice, then settling in for a nap)
Scaup - dozens. Too far to tell if they were lesser or greater
Hooded Merganser
Northern Shoveler
American Wigeon
Canada Geese - dozens

Along the road:

dozens of Dark eyed juncos (they were actually on the dirt & gravel road
American Robins
2 Red tailed hawks
1 bald eagle sub-adult
Great Blue Heron
One lone killdeer

Flying over the lake: 3 adult bald eagles

Cold as it was, a good bird day.

Tammy Frech Arnold
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