Date: 3/13/17 6:28 pm
From: Ted Nichols II <tanicholsii...>
Subject: Re: Middle Creek WMA Green-winged Teal

Interesting you point this out, as I was just at Middle Creek and noticed
the same thing. (I actually have been questioning things from the
beginning, but now believe there may be two birds around?)

I just posted the following to the ID that PA Bird! Facebook group (
along with a picture for all to see:

"This pond at Middle Creek WMA is the one where a Eurasian Green-winged
Teal continues to be reported including multiple times today... I thought
some things looked off when the bird was first reported over a month ago as
a pure Eurasian Teal and I saw it because I didn't think the horizontal
stripe was quite bold enough, but I went back the next day and I was more
convinced it was a pure Eurasian... Well, today I photographed what again
looks to be an Intergrade Green-winged Teal? What are your thoughts? Could
the bird have been an intergrade to begin with and is molting to show the
features more prominently? This is the only bird I saw on this pond today
with a horizontal stripe, but it clearly shows a vertical stripe as well...
There's always the 2 bird theory as well..."

Ted Nichols II
Annville, Pa. (Lebanon County)

On Mon, Mar 13, 2017 at 20:00 Michael Fialkovich <mpfial...> wrote:

> I found the teal but what I saw was a bird that showed both the horizontal
> white line just under the wings AND the vertical white lines on either side
> of the breast, so what I saw was a hybrid between the two. The vertical
> white lines on this bird were less bold, shorter and narrower than those on
> the American Green-winged Teal but were noticeable through a scope. I saw
> the bird both in and out of the water (it was preening on shore at one
> point).
> Mike Fialkovich
> Pittsburgh Area, Allegheny County
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