Date: 3/13/17 5:29 pm
From: Robert O'Brien <baro...>
Subject: [obol] hybrid hummers
A couple of comments re: the recent hummer thread and a question.

In 43 years here in Carver, in the last 10 or so many many Anna's and
Rufous, I've seen

1. A hybrid Anna's Rufous. Looked mostly like Rufous but had a red
I was excited, got my camera and waited for it to return to my feeder. It
This hybrid was apparently first recorded by John Gould with a colored
picture in 1861
in his magnificent book on hummingbirds. Not know as a hybrid at the time
he called it
Floresci's Hummingbird. See footnote.

2. Only once have I seen a green-backed Rufous. Quite extensive amount of
green but
undoubtedly a young or aberrant Rufous. Or perhaps a far flung hybrid.
Once again, too furtive for a photo.

Now the question. In terms of talk about differentiation by mating display
or by call
(or even by emargination of the tail feathers), you can undoubtedly
separate Allen's
and Rufous. Except for one consideration. What do their hybrids offer in

Bob OBrien
Carver OR

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