Date: 3/13/17 12:03 pm
From: Peter <psaracin...>
Subject: Re: [cayugabirds-l] birds and climate science
Thanks a million John.


On 3/13/2017 2:42 PM, John and Sue Gregoire wrote:
> Pete,
> The short answer is we have done so for the last 31 years. Many of our publications
> address climate related changes in bird numbers and activity. Others relate many
> negative changes to changes in farming practices.
> Our 31 years as co-op weather reporting station for the NWS provide daily climate
> data to both NWS and the public. That info allows unique on-site, exact weather
> correlation to several studies. We have the first 10 years of an ongoing study of
> the phenology of a dragonfly species currently in press. That study relies heavily
> on the daily climate data collected here.
> All our, and all other banding station' data are kept in a data base at the Bird
> Banding Lab at Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Md and accessible by request to
> public researchers. The climate data is also available via the National Climate data
> Center.
> Best,
> John


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