Date: 3/12/17 8:31 pm
From: Michael Medina <802redwood...>
Subject: [obol] A "Mystery Bird" Question.
I hate these kinds of questions myself but here goes.

Let's say I'm driving on a logging road about 1 mile inland from the
Willapa Bay and the basic habitat in the area is clearcuts, young forest
5-10 years old, slash piles, roads, and a small, low-density stand of
"wildlife trees". I flush 3 birds that have the appearance of a
shorebird/wading bird. About crow sized, but not the same proportion.
Only a fleeting glimpse but short humerus with a sharply bent elbow with
portion past the elbow much longer than the humerus. A short call that
wasn't on my radar as a passerine.

I don't need to ID them, just some ideas what I could expect. I know
there's snipe in the area, but these were much larger.

Michael Medina
Portland, OR

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