Date: 3/12/17 6:54 pm
From: Chris Shank <cockatoodowns...>
Subject: [obol] Jay and Woodpecker behavior
So this is from left field. It has to do with an acorn woodpecker
interaction, but with a NON-native avian species. Years ago in Grass
Valley, CA, I free flew a Goffin's cockatoo (Cacatua goffiniana), on my
property. There was an acorn woodpecker granary in a large digger
pine,(Pines sabiniana). The cockatoo relished pulling the acorns out of the
holes (he didn't eat them, however) that stored the food for the
woodpeckers. The woodpeckers would waste no time "yelling" at the cockatoo
and hazing him. The cockatoo stood his ground, but eventually did fly off
screaming as he went with the woodpeckers close behind. So acorn
woodpeckers are not afraid to take on whoever and whatever raids their
larder. Good for them!

Chris Shank
Dallas, OR

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