Date: 3/12/17 4:41 pm
From: Marjorie Pries <mhpries...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Common Loon at Big Bend, Horned Grebes at Beck Lake
Checked out the waterfowl at Beck Lake Sunday afternoon. About twenty RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS, a female BUFFLEHEAD, three GREATER SCAUP (we think, heads were mostly tucked down for napping) and two HORNED GREBES plus the usual CANADA GEESE, RING-BILLED GULLS and half a dozen MALLARDS. Also a muskrat fishing and poking among the reeds.

At Big Bend Lake, very little going on, maybe 5 or six of the mergansers and the usual geese, gulls and a few mallards but one COMMON LOON gave us great looks working the water just off the turn-around parking access for boat put-ins.

Marjorie Pries & Paul Baker

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