Date: 3/12/17 4:26 pm
From: Erika Wilson <terika88...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] SEAZ: Sierra Vista EOP--12 March 2017
Hi, birders,

A full group walked the Sierra Vista EOP dikes this morning, with visitors
from CA, CO, ID, MN, and VA, as well as from elsewhere in AZ. Bright sun
and no wind gave us favorable viewing conditions, with a group tally of 65
species at the end of the morning.

We had the usual nine duck species, but their numbers were clearly down as
they move north to their breeding grounds. A stunning male Bufflehead with
four females stood out; also adding color were male Cinnamon Teal and male
Ruddy Ducks sporting their bright blue bills.

An adult Great Egret was present for the fifth straight week at the Moson
Road impoundments. A Virginia Rail was heard and a lucky few spotted two
different Sora during the morning. A flock of 18 Killdeer, calling and
wheeling low over the fields, was an unusual sight. A small mixed flock of
Tree and Barn Swallows was seen, with some of the Barn Swallows settling
briefly on utility wires. Most Am. Pipits have left, with only three
scattered birds seen this morning.

Sparrow and blackbird numbers were also down, although some Red-winged
Blackbirds were singing on early territories. Horned Larks were also
singing, with at least two seen in spotting scopes. The most interesting
bird behavior was seen while we were seated in the shade, going over the
morning's list, when a pale Great Horned Owl was spotted flying low over
the dikes, being vigorously harassed by two Chihuahuan Ravens.

‚ÄčA reminder that the remaining walks in March start at 8 a.m. Arrive at
least ten minutes early, as the trip fills on a first come-first serve
basis. Twenty participants is the limit set by the City of Sierra Vista.
April trips will start at 7 a.m. for the rest of the summer.

Cheers, Erika Wilson

Erika Wilson, Sierra Vista, AZ

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