Date: 3/12/17 2:34 pm
From: Suzanne Harp <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender suzharp for DMARC)
Subject: [wisb] Hwy 51 Madison three nests
We were without a scope, but saw possibly three sitting birds on all three huge stick nests between Hoepkfer Rd and Hanson Rd on the north side of 51 across from the Madison airport. Anyone who is atlasing in that area might want to check it out. Middle nest looked like a GHOW. The furthest south nest had a sitting RTHA who flew out while we were watching. Two Redtails were seen flying together, one was the one we saw in the nest. The third, and furthest west nest (hic) looked more hawkish, but without a scope, (and I don't own one), I couldn't be certain of what I was seeing. Do let me know if you check these out.
Suzanne Harp

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