Date: 3/12/17 12:40 pm
From: Beth Maniscalco <beth.maniscalco...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Swallow tailed kite movement
When I was heading into Thibodaux at approximately 1:15 pm today, 4 STKI
flew overhead in front of my car. I pulled off to note where they were
going and subsequently counted 7 more, all heading north-east. After
waiting a short bit to see if more appeared, I moved into traffic. About a
hundred yards further down the road, I observed to my left over Bayou
Lafourche, in the distance, a large flock of birds, heading northeast. I
could not tell whether they were more STKI, but if they were, the numbers
would have been close to 50.

The area would be near, on the LA 1 side of the Bayou, Waverly and Leighton
Plantations, and on the LA 308 side of the Bayou, Lagarde and Abbey

Beth Maniscalco
Thibodaux, LA
(approx. 60 miles SW of New Orleans)
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