Date: 3/12/17 12:02 pm
From: Beau Schaefer <beauschaefer...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Western Lake County stuff
Went out this morning to mainly check out COLSP (Chain O Lakes State Park) but also to check on some waterfowl spots I missed yesterday. Today was the first day that I have seen significant waterfowl on Turner Lake at COLSP. Usually it’s barren. Today it was hopping. Still mostly frozen but the edges were crawling with ducks. This is exciting for me because next to warblers, ducks are probably my favorite bird group. Can never get enough of the stunning males in their spring garb. Most notable were 12 WOOD DUCKS and 5 AM. WIGEON. Also of note were my first FOX SPARROWS since early January…and one was singing a muted version of the song but still very cool to hear. I had 47 sp. for the morning which is my highest total there since what seems like long, long ago. It was a great morning. Can’t beat sun and no wind. Here’s the list: <>

There was more, though. Brian Storvik found 22 TUNDRA SWANS at Rollins Savanna this morning. Tundra Swan is site bird #204 for me at Rollins, so thanks, Brian! And I made a quick stop at Almond Marsh, which has mostly open water, to see if I could find a pintail, but no dice. I did, however, locate 18 GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE at the far west end of the marsh. I’ll take it. Fourth Lake is still crawling with birds. The least common of which continue to be CANVASBACK in good numbers. I counted 37, though I’m sure there’s more.

Inland ducks that I missed today were pintail, ruddy, bw teal, and am black duck.

Bird On!
Beau Schaefer
Round Lake Beach, IL
Lake County

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