Date: 3/12/17 10:08 am
From: Scott Seltman <sselt...>
Subject: Quivira 10 March
I did a quick drive through of Quivira NWR from south to north on Friday
evening, 10 March. There were about 200 Sandhill Cranes and 19 Tundra Swans
on the western leg of the Wildlife Drive. An additional 3 Tundra Swans were
on the small pond by the refuge bunkhouse AKA Migrant Mile. There were tons
of diving ducks to look at everywhere, but I saw no rarities. I also missed
seeing any shorebirds aside from Killdeer, though I'm sure there must be
some around somewhere. A Short-eared Owl was perched just west of the exit
of the Wildlife Drive at sundown.

More Sandhill Cranes were in the air west of Quivira, so many may be
roosting in fields off the refuge.

I've been working in Harper County a few days a month and adding lots of
species to my personal county list in the process. Notables include a
Greater Roadrunner on 9 March and a Peregrine Falcon on 8 March. The
Peregrine was just a flyby, I imagine, and was not far off the highway NE of
the town of Harper. It is potentially a 1st county record for Harper.

I saw a rather late Rough-legged Hawk in SE Kingman County on 8 March.
Where one often sees pale cream-colored feathering on the neck and head of a
RLHA, this bird was essentially pure white. I'd never seen anything quite
like it in a RLHA, but am confident of the ID as every other fieldmark was
Rough-legged all the way.

This last week there was a definite turnover of birds out in the
countryside. Sparrow numbers were way up, presumable bolstered by wintering
birds from the south. The big flocks of wintering meadowlarks and Horned
Larks were gone. Am. Tree Sparrows had also hit the highway, though I did
manage to see a handful in with random flocks of Harris's and White-crowned.
I had managed to miss Eastern Phoebes until this week, but beginning Tuesday
they were scattered throughout in Harper, Kingman and Reno.

Scott Seltman

Larned, Kansas

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