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Subject: IBET JxP and Illiana birding, Saturday, 11 March
I birded Chicago's Jackson Park with Pat and the Audubon group yesterday covering Wooded Island/Bobolink Meadow and the harbors. Later 4 of us headed to the Calumet area to bird a few sites on each side of the border.
The Wooded Island/Bobolink Meadow area was a bit slow. We did see my FOY SWAMP SPARROW in the meadow with several SONG SPARROWS. Bobolink Meadow was burned a few weeks ago and since then it has been the best place in the area for sparrows and other birds that like an open habitat. There was a PIED-BILLED GREBE in the Columbia Basin the first seen in the park (by me) since 14 January and there was another in the outer harbor. There were 2 male REDHEADS in the east lagoon, which would be the first of several hundred seen for the day. Mark Webster spotted a GREAT BLUE HERON, which would have been a FOY for me but I missed it! An immature RED-TAILED HAWK was at the inner harbor. The number of LESSOR SCAUP there has gone down slightly from Tuesday but the REDHEAD number went up to 114. There was also a pair of HOODED MERGANSERS in the inner harbor and 8 RING-NECKED DUCKS. Mark and I finally found a couple male GREATER SCAUP in the outer harbor.
After Jackson Park we headed to Roxanna Marsh (not much there) and Gibson Woods Nature Center in Indiana. At the latter location some members of the group witnessed two RED-SHOULDERED HAWKS (FOY) mating. At the feeders was a WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW and, among several RED-WINGED BLACKBIRDS, was my FOY BROWN-HEADED COWBIRD. At Wolf Lake we found a MUTE SWAN that had a fishing hook stuck in the knob above the bill and seemed to have the fishing line around its neck. We told a park ranger about the bird and with him tried to see if it could be caught but it was able to fly a short distance on to the lake. Bird Collision Monitors were called and at last word they were waiting for a boat. Along State Line Road there were several hundred birds. Unfortunately for us Illinois birders they were almost all on the Indiana side. On the Indiana side were ~376 REDHEADS, some CANVASBACKS, a couple RING-NECKED DUCKS, several GADWALL, AMERICAN WIGEON (FOY), unidentified scaup and RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS. On the Illinois side were 240 AMERICAN COOTS! A large raptor flew over the Indiana side, as well. Its size suggested an eagle but it looked like a Red-tailed Hawk based on color and other features. If it was the latter, it was the biggest one I've ever seen! I've decided to just call it a "hawk" sp. We did find a scraggly looking immature BALD EAGLE (3rd year, I think) sitting in a tree at Indian Ridge Marsh. We found Walter M. at Big Marsh who said he hadn't seen the Tundra Swan but found some N. PINTAILS (FOY), which I was able to put a scope on. I found a few more to the north of these and also spotted 2 pairs of AMERICAN BLACK DUCKS (FOY). Wish we had seen some of the birds seen by Carl and Steve but it was a nice day! My full list follows below.

Abbreviations: WI/BM=Wooded Island/Bobolink Meadow, IH=inner harbor, OH=outer harbor, LM=Lake Michigan east of OH, RM=Roxana Marsh, GW=Gibson Woods, WLIL=Wolf Lake Illinois side, WLIN=Wolf Lake Indiana side, IRM=Indian Ridge Marsh, BM=Big Marsh.

Canada Goose: WI/BM (47), IH (11), RM (19), GW (2), WLIL (124), WLIN (21), BM (7)
Mute Swan: WLIL (16), WLIN (3), BM (15)
Swan sp: WLIL (1)
Mallard: WI/BM (8), IH (7), OH (8), RM (25), GW (5), WLIL (4), WLIN (2), BM (9)
A. Black Duck: BM (4)
Gadwall: RM (1), WLIN (7), BM (29)
N. Pintail: BM (7)
A. Wigeon: WLIN (5)
N. Shoveler: BM (2)
Canvasback: WLIN (8)
Redhead: WI/BM (2), IH (114), WLIN (376)
Ring-necked Duck: IH (8), WLIN (2)
Greater Scaup: OH (2)
Lesser Scaup: IH (70), OH (4)
Greater/Lesser Scaup: OH (2), WLIN (5)
Common Goldeneye: WI/BM (1), IH (3), OH (1)
Bufflehead: IH (2), OH (2), BM (1)
Hooded Merganser: IH (2)
Red-breasted Merganser: WI/BM (9), IH (51), LM (5), WLIL (2), WLIN (7)
duck sp. (most prob. R.-b. Mergs): LM (30)
Horned Grebe: IH (3), OH (1)
Pied-billed Grebe: WI/BM (1), OH (1), RM (1)
Great Blue Heron: WI/BM (1)
Cooper's Hawk: GW (1)
Red-shouldered Hawk: GW (2)
Red-tailed Hawk: IH (1), GW (1)
Bald Eagle: IRM (1)
hawk sp: WLIN (1), IRM (1)
A. Coot: OH (24), WLIL (240), WLIN (1)
Ring-billed Gull: WI/BM (33), IH (1), LM (3), OH (441), RM (120), WLIL (5), WLIN (3)
Herring Gull: WI/BM (1), LM (1), OH (5)
Rock Pigeon: RM (15)
Mourning Dove: WI/BM (1), GW (1), WLIL (1)
Red-bellied Woodpecker: GW (1)
Downy Woodpecker: WI/BM (2), IH (1)
N. Flicker: WI/BM (2)
Blue Jay: GW (1)
A. Crow: WI/BM (2), OH (1), IRM (1)
Black-capped Chickadee: WI/BM (4)
White-breasted Nuthatch: GW (1)
A. Robin: WI/BM (2), GW (2), WLIL (4)
Euro. Starling: GW (2)
A. Tree Sparrow: GW (7), WLIL (5), WLIN (3)
Song Sparrow: WI/BM (11), IH (1), WLIL (3), WLIN (4)
Swamp Sparrow: WI/BM (1), GW (1)
Dark-eyed Junco: WI/BM (3)
White-crowned Sparrow: GW (1)
N. Cardinal: WI/BM (7), IH (1), GW (3), WLIN (1)
Common Grackle: GW (5)
Red-winged Blackbird: WI/BM (3), GW (57), WLIL (1), IRM (1), BM (1)
Brown-headed Cowbird: GW (1)
House Finch: GW (5)
A. Goldfinch: GW (3)
House Sparrow: WI/BM (3), GW (30)

Randy Shonkwiler
Hyde Park/Chicago

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