Date: 3/12/17 9:22 am
From: Karen Garrett <kjgarrett84...>
Subject: Junco
Hi, Joe. Would you look at these pictures of a junco and tell me if you
think this is an Oregon Junco or just a Slate-colored? It looks like an
Oregon to me, with the orangey-brown on the back and flanks. Dan Scheiman
doesn't seem to think much of my ID skills. He says Slate-colored. I have
never seen 9a Slate-colored with all of this orange/rust on it, not even
the females. The females brown is more of a grayish brown. He said I
should let you see the photos and see what you think. I won't be offended
if you think I'm wrong. My frustration is more with Mr Scheiman. The
color of this bird was orangish enough that I actually briefly thought
Towhee before the bird's shape and size knocked me closer to reality.

Thanks, Joe

Karen Garrett

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