Date: 3/12/17 8:27 am
From: Tom and Margot Southerland <princetonnaturetours...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Scoter names and others
In my post yesterday (3-12-17), one of the several birds seen from the Manasquan jetty was reported as the Common Scoter when it should have been Black Scoter -- now a continental split. (And I have seen them in the Netherlands). It's sometimes difficult to re-learn new names for birds one has seen over the years like Common Snipe into Wilson's Snipe, another continental split. And like the Europeans, I still split the two teals, Green-winged Teal and the Eurasian Teal although the A.O.U. does not. I also remember it was not too long ago there was a temporary split of the Herring Gull with the Europeans keeping the scientific name of "Larus argentatus" and ours, I believe, was "L. smithsoniensis".

Finally, I know many NJ birders share my complaint as to why in the world can't the common name of the Black-bellied Plover be changed to the Gray Plovers as do the Europeans? After all, they and the other three (golden plovers) that constitute the genus "Pluvialis" are black bellied in the alternate plumage.

Tom Southerland
West Windsor

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