Date: 3/11/17 5:56 pm
From: Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...>
Subject: [obol] Coos Update 3/11/2017
On Friday I was jury duty bound in Coquille. On my lunch walk it was fun to
see VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS back in the neighborhoods there. Lotsa flowers

This morning at the BLM office in North Bend I caught the PALM WARBLER
again around 0720.

We had an Audubon field trip to Bandon today. First stop was the motel on
the south end of town where they feed birds and gulls, crows, and
blackbirds like to hang. From the road into the fire station just south of
it we parked and with the help of some Ovenjoy bread I had picked up,
we got the gulls in. 99% Westerns with just a few Glaucous-winged. The
first cycle GLAUCOUS GULL finally appeared. We also had a very
faded, white-looking Glaucous-winged which was a great comparison bird to
show everyone how to find a real Glaucous and not confuse it with these
faded spring pseudo-Glaucous looking Glaucous-wingeds.

Next stop Bandon south jetty area. Blowing and showering off and on. There
were 1000+ C MURRES up on the rocks off Coquille Point. All the usuals
there too.
We couldn't find the rockpiper flock until we looked closely at the old
grass covered dock behind the Coast Guard station. At first it appeared
there were only turnstones but with persistence we found a Surfbird and
finally the ROCK SANDPIPER which hid well from us for a half hour or so. We
saw a large flock (100+) of ALEUTIAN CACKLERS also headed north then back
south. They should be staging in the area the next 6 weeks or so in
increasing numbers before departing for Alaska.

At the division street feeders we saw about 10 hummers, including
one hybrid looking male Selasphorus and a female. The lady who lives there
said it was real busy until a few days ago when all the Selasphorus
moved out. At Bandon Marsh overlook best birds were a couple Band-tailed
Pigeons (unless one thought the Peregrine Falcon or the many Canada Geese
were "better" birds).

After that we split up and Paul Sullivan, Barb Taylor and I headed north.
We checked Pacific Dunes and had no luck trying to find the Burrowing Owl
(weather was rather crappy but the course was filled with golfers). We did
see about a dozen W. Bluebirds though.

Back in Coos Bay Paul stopped at my place and saw the Allen's Hummer which
displayed for him also. Paul saw the KING EIDER on Saturday afternoon- he
walked out at low tide which is the best way to make sure you will find it.

Lastly I saw a hybrid male Common X Barrow's Goldeneye along diked road out
to north spit of Coos Bay late PM today. I haven't seen a Barrow's here in
several years- they are rare on the south coast.

Fun day!

Merry March,
Tim Rodenkirk
Coos Bay

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