Date: 3/11/17 5:13 pm
From: Luke Pheneger <phenegerluke...>
Subject: [cobirds] Birding Around Colorado
Hi Everyone

Today my mom and I birded around Colorado hitting some of the spots that
have been hot lately. Starting with Westerly Creek Park.
At Westerly we found the Harris's Sparrow in about 2 minutes which I know
has been a little hit or miss lately. Also there was a Lincolns sparrow in
the same bush. In the park itself the Brown Thrasher continues along with a
pair of Yellow Rumped Warblers, 2 Cinnamon Teals, and a leucistic American

At Cherry Creek we started off with an Adult Thayer's Gull and 3 California
Gulls. We then went to the South End( Dam End)where we had a supposed Rock
Wren but later made the easy correction, as the bird was a Carolina Wren
constintaly making its light Trill calls over and over again. And no it
wasn't a Marsh Wren :) Too trilly, not chattery like a Marsh Wren.
We could never find the bird even though we heard it 6-8 times, but
looking for the Wren lead us to find a Says pheobe, American White Pelican,
and a flyover Kildeer along the dam.

We then visited Panama Reservoir where after spending 30 minutes looking
for a vantage point saw 3 Blue Winged teals, 3 pelicans, 18 Norther
Pintails, and two Eared Grebes.

Luke Pheneger

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