Date: 3/11/17 5:00 pm
From: Liam Waters <youngeaglewaters...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Lake Massapoag ducks -- Sharon
The past few nights have been better than average at the Lake
Massapoag roost (gulls and ducks). *note: these numbers are
represented by birds flying in to roost after sunset, in very low
light conditions (Although the Common Mergansers are likely there all
day.). A lot of patience and a good scope is necessary. I mainly view
from the beach along the northern edge, usually on the side the wind
is coming from.
Unfortunately, the gulls have not been as diverse this year as they
were last winter.


3/9 (
185 Ring-necked Ducks -- new hotspot high count in eBird
45 Common Goldeneyes
80 Hooded Mergansers
85 Common Mergansers

3/11 (
125 Ring-necked Ducks
6 Greater Scaup
12 Lesser Scaup
55 Common Goldeneye
105 Hooded Mergansers -- new hotspot high count in eBird
155 Common Mergansers -- new hotspot high count in eBird
1 Killdeer

Also, there were 4+ Rusty Blackbirds along the Beaver Brook trail in
Sharon on 3/8 (Access
is either from Farnham road, or the end of the train station south
bound parking lot.)

Happy birding,
Liam Waters
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