Date: 3/11/17 3:29 pm
From: Donald Sweig <skybirds.d...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Riverbend Park:Tundra Swan Delights
Following up on a tip from my good friend Keith Huffman, I went over to Riverbend park this afternoon to see if I could find some Tundra Swans. I was not disappointed. Swimming quietly and feeding in the middle of the river, just downriver from the visitor center, I found 48 picturesque Tundra Swans "cooing" softly, and well illuminated in the bright afternoon sunshine. What a Treat !!
I also found 3 to 6 Tree Swallows hocking insects in the air over the river, right above the swans. Amazing .

Duckwise, I found about 100 to 150 Bufflehead, and a few Ring-necked ducks, Scaup, and Coots.

But the real show was the Swans, which I watched and photographed for over an hour. The afternoon light on the river and the swans, at Riverbend, was really spectacular.
Just as I was leaving about 4:30, a kayaker entered the river from the boat ramp at the park. The swans, all of them, immediately began to swim downriver, away from the kayaker, and toward the cofferdam. As the Kayaker got closer to them in the river, they all took off and flew. I could only see that happen through the trees.
I don't know whether they will now continue their northward migration, or will be back on the river tomorrow morning.
But, it was certainly wonderful to see and hear them this afternoon.
Donald Sweig
Falls Church,

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